Underwater photographers who've inspired me

David Doubilet
David is a world famous underwater photographer whose book "Water Light Time" first inspired me to have a go.

Paul Naylor
Paul is an excellent photographer who loves UK marine life and writes great books.

Dan Bolt
Dan Bolt spends a lot of time diving the same areas as me but he is a much better photographer and freediver!


Places to buy photography equipment

Cameras Underwater
A comprehensive range of cameras, housings and accessories.

Bristol Cameras
Not as big a range as Cameras Underwater but sometimes cheaper.

Where a lot of my gear has come from!


Places to buy diving gear

Venture Sports
Anthony is the most helpful dive shop owner in the world.

Large range of freediving and spearfishing gear.

Great wetsuits for cold UK water.

Cheaper wetsuits. Not such a wide range but still very good and quicker delivery than Elios.