How To

So you've seen the pictures and now you want to go and see our beautiful marine life for yourself?
Or maybe you have already seen it but want to start taking photos underwater?

Snorkelling and diving can start as simply as taking a mask and snorkel to a beach on a calm day in the summer and having a look around. It's amazing what can be seen in water shallow enough to stand up in. I've seen many types of fish, crabs and anemones in water no more than 1m deep!

After your first encounters with marine life you'll probably want to stay in longer, swim further and dive deeper. This is when you really need to understand safety aspects such as the dangers of tide, coping with the cold, avoiding being run over by boats and avoiding blackout.

The best way to learn to dive safely is obviously to go with someone who is suitably experienced and knowledgeable to teach you. There is also a wealth of information available on the internet. I have learned a lot from an online forum called Deeper Blue which has information for beginners as well as the opportunity to share knowledge with a huge community of experienced freedivers and spearfishermen.

If you want to learn underwater photography then there are also numerous web sites that can help you but one of the best is Underwater Photography Guide by Scott Gietler.